The most metal of Metroids

29 09 2009


When I caught up with the members of Metroid Metal for a story on Nintendo Life, I asked each member I spoke to what he thought was the most “metal” of all Metroids.

From a musical perspective, guitarist Dan “danimal” Behrens sides with the NES original; being atonal in many areas, he said, lends itself well to metal. Micheal “Kirby” Molnar said it’s Super Metroid because the band does the least arrangement work to translate the tunes into their metal makeover.

Non-musically? The devil may care, fuck you attitude?  Molnar had a mouthful.

As anybody who’s mastered the wall jump (at the very least) can tell you, you’re free to beat that game however the hell you feel like. The more obscure (possibly bug-resultant) techniques you can trick Samus into doing, the more you can do with fewer items than I think Gunpei ever intended. I almost feel like ADAM in Fusion was punishment for players deciding how far to take their liberty in Super — and then Zero Mission went the exact opposite way in that the programmers went completely nuts with providing opportunities for sequence-breaking.

Plus if you beat it fast enough you get to see Samus half-naked. And (pardon the talk of video game “girls”) this was before she got the platinum blond hair, double Ds and perfect curves — she was attractive for no more reason than that she was a strong woman. Which was kind of a fuck-you in of itself to all the heroines who fit the Zero Mission-era Samus’ mold.

Band mastermind Grant “stemage” Henry agrees with Molnar, but not for the same reasons, he said, summing up in one word: Ridley. Bassist Dan Taylor also stick withs Super, saying he thought “the ending of Super Metroid is about the most metal thing ever.”

Agree? Disagree?




3 responses

29 09 2009

I still can’t believe you put up with me giving you a 2-paragraph answer for all of your questions. Oh, and I agree with myself, since you asked. 😉

29 09 2009

In terms of implied story, however, Metroid 2 captures that goopy, gorey atmosphere from Metroid’s aparent inspiration- Alien. While an admittedly confusing game in general, it’s my vote for the most “metal” Metroid. Great work on Varia Suite, guys!

1 10 2009

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