GamePro TV’s Bodacious Journey

7 12 2009

Maybe I’m too young (’86 represent), but I didn’t realize GamePro evenĀ had a show on TV in the early ’90s. Not only does it ride the Bill & Ted “bandwagon” but also manages to give out one of the single most hokey and complicated protips I’ve seen.

I’m so, so glad we’ve moved away from this gamer image era. Of course, now we’re just a bunch of fat shut-in slobs or something, which may or may not be an improvement.


Doom Classic (iPhone): What happened to the font?

9 11 2009


I was going to write a review of id’s latest iPhone release, but let’s be realistic: it’s Doom, you already know what you’re getting yourself into. If you just want to shoot demons and zombie soldiers on Mars and in Hell on your iDevice then go for it. It plays well and has local multiplayer, and if Wolf 3D Classic is any indication will have user-created map support at some point down the line. And, dare I dream, mods? Maybe not, but the rest isĀ cool beans with me.

What is not cool beans is the way id bungled the presentation in this version. Read the rest of this entry » One step forward, three steps back

11 08 2009

Tiger Electronics has a sordid history of what can strenuously be called portable game consoles. Not only are they the masters behind the R-Zone, a gaming device that actually strapped to your head in its first edition, but they are also the ones behind a plethora of licensed LCD games similar to a one-screen Game & Watch.

The companies most notable and serious contribution to gaming came in the form of a portable PDA/entertainment hybrid with online capabilities. It was the Read the rest of this entry »