Do the chip with NLFM

5 05 2010

My snazzy podcast over at Nintendo Life dedicated to the best in chip and game music, NLFM, has been going strong for about five episodes now and it already feels different than when it began. Of course, when those episodes are a month apart, there’s plenty of time to grow.

It’s still a cobbled together operation in a way, thanks to my trusty Rock Band mic and handheld pop shield, but so far we’ve covered some pretty great ground. Not only has it seen its very own holiday episode, but we’ve had Norwegian retro rockers Datarock on as well as Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games, who is behind the excellent Bit.Trip series on WiiWare. During his guest stint heĀ revealed first details about Bit.Trip Runner, a pretty nice get for a show in its infancy.

Basically, I’m proud of the show and think that if you haven’t checked it out already then you damn well should if you have even a passing interest in video games and their music. Or just music, for that matter.

There are some great things in store, so stay tuned!