Homebrew Is Where The Heart Is

25 02 2011

It’s nigh impossible to overstate the importance of the Nintendo Entertainment System in video game history: its popularity pretty much single-handedly revived the home game console market in the US, which had crashed a few years before the NES’s October 18th, 1985 limited-market American debut, while being home to the birth of some of the most iconic franchises still making headlines today.

Odds are that if you were born before 1988, your first home video game experience was with an NES. Even now, 15 years after Nintendo officially put the discontinue kibosh on the console in this territory, those fueled with nostalgia and with the right know-how are still keeping it alive. New, original games as well as retro sequels have been making the rounds this console generation, echoing the 80s revival that has permeated the rest of pop culture in the past years.



Late to the Party: Maskinen – Alla Som Inte Dansar

5 10 2009

This track is a few years old by now I suppose, but I didn’t come across it until this past summer when it randomly appeared on my brother’s iPod and got my head bopping.

It’s a pretty ridiculous tune and one that probably wouldn’t have the same humor associated with calling non-dancers “rapists” if it was in English. But hey, it’s not and damn if it isn’t dancey.

Blast That Spooky Stereo, Round 1

4 10 2009


Oh man, do I love Halloween. Horror movies, themed candy, killer costumes and scary music; that’s a time of year I can get behind!

And there is really no better way to completely saturate your waking moments with spooky things than with a kick-ass playlist, and even though we’re in the early stages of October you might as well start building it. I’d like to help. Read the rest of this entry »

Hey, nice panda

16 04 2009