Little Big Gaga

25 11 2009


Not only can Little Big Planet be used to recreate childhood gaming favorites like Duck Hunt or Contra, but it’s got plenty of sack love for modern music too. Like Lady Gaga. Which is good, because it gives me an excuse to draw your attention to this cute-ified machinema port of Bad Romance. Read the rest of this entry »


Late to the Party: Maskinen – Alla Som Inte Dansar

5 10 2009

This track is a few years old by now I suppose, but I didn’t come across it until this past summer when it randomly appeared on my brother’s iPod and got my head bopping.

It’s a pretty ridiculous tune and one that probably wouldn’t have the same humor associated with calling non-dancers “rapists” if it was in English. But hey, it’s not and damn if it isn’t dancey.